Year 10

“Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company: YEAR 10” is INS Rec. Co’s 25th release. It features tracks by a family of artists that has grown to stretch from east coast to west coast. It represents 10 years of experimental, instrumental, electronic, and independent music. It is a testament of what is still to come. We hope you will enjoy this collection of singles and return to check out the 8 upcoming full-length albums represented. Download, sample, and share with your friends!

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This album is available as a free hi-quality download to celebrate our tenth anniversary.


  1. Trepanning Trio: Cloud
  2. Infinite Number of Sounds: Creeper Gear
  3. Ancillary: Ripples and Rain
  4. Electric Grandmother: Writing the Station
  5. Jeremy Bleich: eleanora
  6. Mike Hovancsek: Decagon
  7. Christopher Auerbach-Brown: Double Portrait
  8. Oblique Orchestra: Prelude
  9. Nemo Nemon: Late
  10. Michael Billings: Primitive Jungle Thudderings
  11. J Scott Franklin: Quit (instrumental)
  12. Kris “skinnyk” Morron: Improvisation for Guzheng and Cello No. 1: Dawn for a Fisherman on a Lonely Sea
  13. Creamy Water Quiz: A Dark Swivel

Deluxe Download (INS25-5):

  • 320kbs MP3 files
  • Filesize: 130MB


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