Turbulent Calm

An informal series of recordings made at home with friends. Most of the material was recorded in one or two takes, with each musician being given only a brief description of the melodic themes, rhythms, and overall shape beforehand. “Turbulent Calm” was originally only intended as a collection of private recordings but they eventually blossomed into a full-blown release.

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  1. Toe of Goat
  2. Zero Station
  3. In the Middle Distance
  4. Fugaku Hyakkei (sample mp3)
  5. Jayu
  6. Garuda
  7. Vespers (sample mp3)
  8. Civil Evening Twilight
  9. Yesh and Ayin
  10. Septology (sample mp3)


(Deluxe Download only)

  1. Resolution of the Binaries
  2. Myopic (video)

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