To Mock And Love

Nemo Nemon is the antagonistic nom de guerre for Infinite Number of Sounds guitarist/sequence programmer, Matt Mansbach. Nemo Nemon caters to a society with A.D.D. "To Mock And Love" tunnels from the ear into the cerebral cortex like a bore worm from Wrath of Khan! It is raw pop twisted by years of punk rock, Care Bears, Postmodernism and psychotropic drugs, like Marshall McLuhan's robot baby writing avant-garage IDM.

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  1. when we’re rich (sample mp3)
  2. migraine
  3. someone to trust
  4. 1989
  5. alas to brightness
  6. mountains (sample mp3)
  7. great
  8. sex
  9. splendid
  10. whampeer
  11. pixel pushing
  12. 4track


(Deluxe Download only)

  1. Humping with Your Power Animal
  2. Folder Maxwell
  3. Late
  • when we’re rich (video)
  • migraine (video)
  • someone to trust (video)
  • 1989 (video)
  • great (video)
  • sex (video)
  • whampeer (video)
  • 4track (video)

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