The Bodyguard Soundtrack

2015 brought Full House back to TV and the Electric Grandmother quickly followed it back with the Bodyguard Soundtrack - their latest album that touches on all the nostalgic topics that you expect. All EG albums are weird to varying degrees, but this one stands out, especially among the more recent stuff. (Did you know that The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album is the 4th greatest selling album of all time?!)

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  1. The Bodyguard
  2. Michael Jordan
  3. Madonna Was Once Just Like You
  4. Mr. Madonna
  5. Mr. Mom
  6. Three Men and a Baby
  7. They Photographed My Penis
  8. Bill and Hillary Clinton Making Out in a Hot Tub Full of Poop and Pee
  9. Major Dad
  10. We Here at NASA
  11. The Raptor Rap
  12. The Tired Robots Ride the Subway
  13. Fuller House
  15. Kiss Your Food
  16. Food Gives Us Shit
  17. We Threw Up on Nuns
  18. Skis CDs
  19. Vulture Lives
  20. The Hawk
  21. Red Hot Oahu Blues
  22. The Tired Robots Drive the Race Car


(Deluxe Download only)

  1. Someone’s Gonna Need Surgery
  2. The Grand Opening of Johnny Depp’s Viper Room
  3. The Computer
  4. Joe Moore Comedy Show Theme (Take 1)
  5. Hybrid Moments (Misfits cover)
  6. The Decider (Catscan! cover)
  7. Push Them Down
  8. Hilary Banks
  9. Hail Pestor (Dan Pantzig cover)
  10. Home Phone

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