Temporal Angels

Originally released in 2003 on Standing Rock Recordings, this release bring together assortments of instruments and cultures that have never been tried before. Harmonic vocals, choir, and unique instruments from around the globe come together for the first time.

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  1. Hybrids
  2. The Middle Kingdom
  3. Chanting the Sutras
  4. Teratology
  5. Hui-Neng Tearing up the Sutras
  6. Pralyas
  7. Cenacle
  8. Somniloquy
  9. Abuja Optional

“Temporal Angels” features a stellar list of guest musicians, including Phong Nguyen (a Vietnamese master musician and ethnomusicologist who was invited to the White House to receive the National Heritage Award), Halim El-Dabh (an internationally acclaimed Egyptian composer who studied with Aaron Copland, helped to pioneer electronic music in the 1950s, and received multiple Guggenheim, Rockefeller, and Fulbright awards), and Wah-Chiu Lai (an accomplished musician from China who has performed with the Chinese Classical Music Orchestra and the Taipei Municipal Chinese Orchestra in Taipei, Taiwan). For a complete list of guest musicians, please see the liner notes.

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