Sin City Sex Mix

The third Electric Grandmother release, dedicated to the 2003 Las Vegas wedding of Pete and Mary Alice! Pete adds tracks 5 and 6, and creates a more dense sound for the group. This is the first EG album mastered in a recording studio, and was officially released at the first live EG performance on June 19, 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio. Self released in 2004 and digitally re-released by INS Rec Co in 2009.

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  1. Penny in My Hand (from Miss Rogers’ 1st Grade Music Class)
  2. Really Low
  3. Say Hello
  4. The First Day of Christmas
  5. Married
  6. Jagged Sky
  7. Article
  8. Rode Around
  9. I Just Visited
  10. I Make Songs For You to Dance to
  11. Trem To
  12. We Didn’t Have to Get Married
  13. Don’t Change on Me
  14. Etch and Cut
  15. Milkshake (Kelis cover)
  16. Inside
  17. I’m Insane, Ben’s to Blame, Growing Pains
  18. City Destroyed
  19. The Knifing
  20. Tom’s Girl
  21. Trial by Wheatfield
  22. Uncle Jesse Married Becky (Fuck Populi)
  23. Handwriting
  24. No Patriarchy
  25. Bye
  26. hidden/unlisted

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  • Filesize: 44MB
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