Radio Whales

With their critically acclaimed second album "Radio Whales," Instrumental electro-rock media-art performance group Infinite Number of Sounds affirms their roots with penetrating diversity and sincere production values. INS presents their fans, old and new, with an album representative of their edgy live sound, depth and humor.

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  1. Fast Fashion
  2. Radio Whales (sample mp3)
  3. What is Happening to my Body?
  4. Kiss My Converse
  5. Washington Monument
  6. Artificial Light
  7. Mouth to Hand (sample mp3)
  8. Duidire
  9. The Kindest Cut
  10. The Red Human-Headed Bull
  11. Airborn Young


(Deluxe Download only)

  1. Kiss My Converse (Moon Is On Remix)
  2. Artificial Light (Low In The Sky Remix)
  3. Exorcise w/o Air (Live)
  4. Nine Turning Mirrors (Live)

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