present point passed

ensemble, et al.'s first full-length record, "present point passed", is the culmination of an incredibly productive period in which the group coalesced artistically into its own ideal of a musical unit. Since the beginning, the members of ensemble, et al. have shared a few key traits in common: an affinity for minimalist-vein new music, formal training in classical and jazz percussion, and—most importantly—extensive experience writing and performing in collaborative rock bands. For the group, the process of composing, rehearsing, and recording present point passed was an affirmation that a balance can be struck between adventurous, composer-driven music in the contemporary classical tradition and the collaboratively-created and improvised music of modern popular music traditions. That dual awareness has manifested itself not just in the sound of the group's music but also in their attitude and approach toward composition. The result of this approach is a record that powerfully demonstrates a democratic creative effort and the collective aesthetic of the group's members.

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  1. No Matter How Fast you Run Today, you will Never Catch up to Tomorrow
  2. A Brief Story Without an Ending
  3. An Afterword of an Image
  4. Choose Your Own Adventure
  5. Where the Past Goes Once you Forget
  6. Clock-watching isn’t Waiting


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  1. Video: Wed (David Lang cover)

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