Pee Sells…But Who’s Buying?

Pete adds a digital effects processor to create a batch of poppy fuzz in the fourth Electric Grandmother release. At a whopping 32 tracks, equaling 65 min. of playing time, Pee Sells is a colossal, cross-fading journey into a land that time forgot. This also marks the end of the “Casio-beat” and analog 4-track era for the band. Features the legendary “Car Phone,” as well as “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper Sucks” and “Depend on Balki.” Self released in 2005 and digitally re-released by INS Rec Co in 2009.

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  1. I Was a Teenage Theo
  2. Here Comes the Urkel
  3. Small Wonder (Popular By Demand)
  4. 96
  5. Murphy Brown’s in Your Town
  6. Car Phone
  7. Depend on Balki
  8. Mind(e) Violins(ce)
  9. Hangin’ Out With Mr. Cooper Sucks
  10. Big Chuck and Lil’ John
  11. It’s About How it Blows
  12. Amen, Amen (The Pinheads)
  13. Max Battimo is Kind of Old
  14. Doogie’s Lost Youth
  15. You Have Seen Inside of This Room
  16. Real Reds
  17. Big John (John II)
  18. Rachel’s Place
  19. My Best Friend
  20. Out the Window
  21. Letting Go of the Fresh Prince
  22. J and J
  23. Rain Down With the Thunder
  24. Watching the Cosby Show
  25. Skippy’s Date With Dentistry
  26. Yo, Pee Pee Man!
  27. Summer Circus
  28. Uncle Phil is Sleeping
  29. Yo, Hot Wheels! / Hey, Uncle Zeke!
  30. Skagirl
  31. Bob Saget Marches On
  32. They Don’t Call You

“Moronic…Sophomoric…The sound of one man amusing himself.” – Columbus Alive Magazine

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  • Filesize: 154MB

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  • Filesize: 62MB
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