New ambient electronic EP from Infamouse!

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

Daydream EP, The new project from Christopher Auerbach-Brown shows off his electronic side again while still preserving some of the melodic and tuneful qualities of his work with Trepanning Trio.

he title Infamouse was created one day by accident, when Auerbach-Brown’s son accidentally
misspelled the word “infamous” with a silent E. The cover art is nothing more than a picture of
Auerbach-Brown’s hand covering the lens of his smart phone. Taken on a sunny day, the sunlight
shining through his hand created a beautiful pink image, much like the way the inside of one’s
eyelids look as one drifts off to sleep on a warm, sun-bathed beach. The music often evokes a relaxed
and thoughtful mindset, but one or two songs will kick your arse and bring you back to reality.

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