My Imaginary Audience

The first self-released Electric Grandmother CD-R release following a series of home cassette recordings. These are also the first EG songs made using a 4-track recorder, instead of a cassette deck. Sitcom-Core is introduced to the public! My Imaginary Audience features such classics as “Ride Your Tricycle,” “Danny Tanner Had a Wife,” and “Sick Little Boy in Scotland.”

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  1. Hi Everyone! / The Sipowicz Test
  2. Ride Your Tricycle
  3. John
  4. Ron Johnson
  5. The Final Countdown (Europe cover)
  6. Michael Jackson Falls
  7. Fright You
  8. Danny Tanner Had a Wife – Revisited
  9. Brown Motel
  10. Aluminum Sighting
  11. Sometimes (Nice)
  12. Makin’ Out With Richie Cunningham
  13. Diet Lips
  14. Four Mye Friens
  15. Broke Inn
  16. I Always Go Back To It
  17. Sneak
  18. Doctor Dare
  19. Urkel on Airplane
  20. Hurry Back
  21. Spaceman
  22. Tree Head
  23. Sick Little Boy in Scotland
  24. Where This Is
  25. Sick – E!
  26. Screech Visits the High Geek
  27. Surf Neptune
  28. Joe Strummer
  29. (#29 is unlisted/hidden)

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  • Includes bonus material
  • Filesize: 106MB

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  • 128kbs MP3 files
  • Filesize: 44MB
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