Medjool is a Santa Fe based ensemble presenting both original and traditional music. Their influences are as exotic and diverse as places they draw from such as Egypt, Turkey, Persia, Spain, Morocco, India, Ireland, the Balkans, as well as the rich sounds of American and popular music from many eras. With extensive experience in such world music traditions as well as a long-standing love for experimental improvisation, their compositions are steeped in an ambiance of ancient sounds combined with a rich and moody sense of playful spontaneity. You may hear Medjool deliver an upbeat dance piece, such as you may find at a Romanian Gypsy wedding, then suddenly discover yourself drawn into a haunting song of longing and surrender, all mixing together to create a magical and dreamy experience of the senses. The five-piece band brings together experienced local musicians who have been participating in the Santa Fe scene for many years in a wide variety of collaborations.

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  1. alto St. hora
  2. rain’Song
  3. bitterSweet
  4. more Soko pije
  5. RebBI
  6. RUMIrror
  7. WildChild
  8. grief

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