Love in An Escalator

Love in an Escalator, The Electric Grandmother’s 7th full-length release is their most sonically ambitious album to date, recorded over two years amidst the band’s move from Columbus, Ohio to Washington DC.

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  1. Love in An Escalator
  2. The Internet
  3. Peter’s Problem
  4. Reagan’s Got the Bomb
  5. Mac Tonight
  6. Sitcom-Core
  7. Mom, What are Girls Like?
  8. Grandpa’s Grave
  9. Mac and Me
  10. Mr. Clyde
  11. Virtual Reality Helmet
  12. Writing the Station
  13. Mrs. Doubtfire
  14. The Sin of Pride
  15. Baby Geniuses
  16. Here’s Your Fuck Stuff
  17. 60 Seconds of Double Dare
  18. Mike’s Revenge
  19. Two Dillweeds
  20. The Tired Robots Ride the Escalator


(Deluxe Download only)

  1. Airfone
  2. Collection Agency (Early version of “Reagan’s Got the Bomb”)
  3. Love in an Escalator (Instrumental)
  4. Always Hate Hippies (NOFX cover)
  5. Rookie of the Year (Early version of “Mrs. Doubtfire”)
  6. 7-Times Folded
  7. Touchdown Browns
  8. Jandek
  9. Jimmy Vibrano
  10. Peter’s Problem (Mary Alice backup vocals)

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