Listening Party

The Electric Grandmother’s sixth album features 14 songs and clocks in at just under 25 minutes. This is the first EG album originally released by the Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company!

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  1. Listening Party
  2. My Neighbors
  3. Purple Shit
  4. Dinosaurs
  5. England-Man American
  6. She’s Trouble!
  7. A Man Called ZZ Top
  8. Piece of Poo
  9. New Coke Rap
  10. September 15, 1987
  11. Ukraine Sexy Girls
  12. Bob and Richie Go to Mexico
  13. Guyliner
  14. The Alexvanderpoolera!

“His most digestible sugar rush.” – Columbus Alive Magazine

“As silly as the overall package is, the Electric Grandmother has been adding to his sound ever so slowly, making tracks like “Guyliner” and “The Alexvanderpoolera” (a random reference to a Boyz II Men video) some surprisingly pleasant listens.” – Pop Matters

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