INS Recording Company Presents “michael billings: memory imprint”

Posted on Jun 22, 2010

Today (June 22, 2010) marks the release of Michael Billing’s first digital release through Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company.

“memory imprint” is an esoteric and evocative recording by composer and poet Michael Billings. It features 8 texturally rich and tonally complicated compositions for flute, alto and bass flute, bell, gong, rain stick, percussion and Tibetan bowl. It is a rewarding journey for the thoughtful listener.

michael billings: memory imprint

The deluxe version of this release again increases the quality to 320kbps and includes two additional bonus tracks.

Suggested for fans of Trepanning Trio, Toru Takemitsu, John Cage, Jerome Baudelaire, Somei Satoh, Erik Satie, and O Yuki Conjugate.

Download it today!