Infamouse – Daydreams EP

Infamouse is a new project by composer and mulch-instrumentalist Christopher Auerbach-Brown who normally works in the acoustic realm, but occasionally he gets a hankering for writing electronic music. His digital work eventually coalesced into the Daydreams EP. Auerbach-Brown plays in the Trepanning Trio, an ensemble known for its pretty and melodic creations. The tuneful qualities of this group's music exerted a palpable influence on the songs composed for this EP.

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The title Infamouse was created one day by accident, when Auerbach-Brown’s son accidentally misspelled the word “infamous” with a silent E. The cover art is nothing more than a picture of Auerbach-Brown’s hand covering the lens of his smart phone. Taken on a sunny day, the sunlight shining through his hand created a beautiful pink image, much like the way the inside of one’s eyelids look as one drifts off to sleep on a warm, sun-bathed beach. The music often evokes a relaxed and thoughtful mindset, but one or two songs will kick your arse and bring you back to reality.


  1. Anti Ecossaise No. 1
  2. Movies
  3. Double Portrait, Again
  4. Back in the Day
  5. Synthetic Night
  6. Eau de Joie
  7. Anti Ecossaise No. 1A

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