Guzheng Improvisations Capture Musical Conversations

Posted on Mar 7, 2012

Cloudlands is the first solo album by Kris “skinnyk” Morron. It is a collection improvised musical conversations between Kris (guzheng) and Dan Wenninger (soprano saxophone) or Andrea French (cello). Each piece is concurrently haunting and beautiful, conflicting and gentle. Music of this nature can only be created between musicians who know and trust each other and are of one mind when it comes to creating musical tapestries. The tracks captured on this album are simultaneously of the moment and years in the making.

As a trombonist, composer, teacher and arranger, skinnyk has been a significant contributor to the Cleveland music scene for over 15 years. Music fans around the Midwest are familiar with his work with ensembles including Mifuné, The Revolution Brass Band, Trepanning Trio, and the Aphrodesiatics. Kris is also a highly sought-after sideman and arranger who has worked with Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band (2009’s Leave a Trail), the Lakewood Project, a nationally acclaimed rock orchestra, and many other Cleveland-based ensembles. Most recently, skinnyk regularly performs with the Revolution Brass Band, Champion Bubblers International, Trepanning Trio, and the up-and-coming experimental dance group, the Looking-Glass Project.

Cloudlands release show. Photograph by Thomas Matthews

Photograph by Thomas Matthews

Dan Wenninger is a long-time friend and colleague and a member of the Revolution Brass Band, Trepanning Trio and the free jazz trio, Oblique Orchestra. Andrea French is one of skinnyk’s college friends who has performed and recorded with Rise Against and numerous other artists on the Wind-Up Records, Warner Brothers, and Universal labels.

Photographer Thomas Matthews took some wonderful photos at the “Cloudlands” release show at The Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood, Ohio.

From the Sun News: “Kris Morron, Trepanning Trio offer musical journey in Lakewood”.