Gong and Singing Bowl Improvisations

Paul has been a drummer for most of his life. When performing in a group, his main focus is to concentrate on rhythm, keep the form of complex songs, and interact with the other musicians. Performing solo on gong and singing bowl allows him to experiment with different sounds and textures without worrying about the form. He uses space and sustained sounds to develop different moods and atmospheres than are possible on a drum set.

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  1. Improv. #1 Gongs and Bowls 15:49
  2. Improv. #2 Gongs and Bowls 31:29
  3. Improv. #3 Gongs and Gong Stand 7:34
  4. Improv. #4 Gongs and Bowls 14:23
  5. Improv. #5 Just Bowls 7:50
  6. Improv. #6 More Bowls 19:23 (Bonus)


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