Flojo, Loco y Enigmático

Experimental, free-form, lo-fi, ambient-electro-rock improvisations performed by Ryan 'Delano' Davis and Adam 'Miracle Kitty' Walker. Recorded during and for this century. All frequencies captured and mixed on 8-track analog, then edited and mixed again digitally.

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  1. Early Morning Battery Chaser
  2. Greenhouse vs. Green Tornado
  3. Watersheet One
  4. My Name Isn’t Hopper Chopper!
  5. Frank Plates Phallically
  6. Majestic Layers of Cream
  7. Quizbowl Odyssey
  8. CW3o (Remix of The Charles Whitman Trio)
  9. Wannabe Carmel Cops
  10. Fungart

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  • Filesize: 59MB
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