Electro-Rockers Infinite Number of Sounds Release One Final Collection

Posted on Aug 29, 2012

Infinite Number of Sounds - Curio: 2000-2012Electro-rock luminaries Infinite Number of Sounds release their 4th full-length album “Curio 2000-2012“, a collection of songs written and recorded for one-off live performances, indie films and art installations, as well as several songs cut from their most popular release, Radio Whales, due to time constraints.

Infinite Number of Sounds - Curio: 2000-2012

This retrospective collection contains 16 unreleased tracks from throughout the band’s history, featuring music written music by the four original members of Infinite Number of Sounds (Brent Gummow, David Mansbach, Matt Mansbach and Ron Tucker) as well as contributions by Ed van der Kuil (Dink), cONScIENcE (Basement Love Underground), Jacob Wynne (Revolution Brass Band), Clayton Vaughn (Boulder Chamber Orchestra), Eric Alleman, Daniel Raible and Heather Manalili (ToBoxWithMan) and about a dozen zombie films.