EG mines their old cassettes for an epic 100-track digital box set

Posted on Jan 20, 2014


There’s “lo-fi” and then there’s “old cassette releases lo-fi”. The new massive track listing from the Electric Grandmother is in the second category. Pete and Mary-Alice Faust have warned the general public that this collection is more for their hardcore, long-term fans – but anyone can enjoy it, especially if you have a fondness for Saved by the Bell.

The songs are in chronological order, and are arranged by each cassette “album” they appear on. A .pdf of fun Electric Grandmother factoids is included in the download along withartwork for each cassette.

The songs have been remastered by Pete Faust (Etep Tsauf) himself, and the original (most of it, Etep drew that cover and did some other bits and pieces) artwork/packaging by Mary Alice Hamnett (Donna Jo Tanner) has been digitally restored (they scanned them).

Download or purchase it now!