Download Mike Hovancsek’s “Ascend” for free!

Posted on May 27, 2011

Following the recent INS Rec Co release of Turbulent Calm, Mike approached us with a request to release another special recording.


Rather than even try to express the right words to describe this project, we will let Mike speak in his own words:

Our infant son Paul passed away unexpectedly on May 28, 2010. I won’t attempt to describe that experience here; there aren’t words big enough to explain the loss of a child. Several of my friends urged me to use music us part of my grief work in the brutal months after our loss. There is something therapeutic about the creation of music with a community of friends and this recording played an important role in the long, difficult healing process. I am grateful to all the wonderful people who offered their time and talent to this project. I couldn’t possibly have created it without their help:

Samuel Salsbury – violin
Joe Culley – tabla and ragini
Anna HomIer – vocals
Jim Cole – harmonic singing
Jim Winters – hurdy-gurdy
David Mansbach – double bass
Margot Milcetich – vocals

I played koto, guzheng, tubular bells, slide sitar; clarinet, kalimba, Native American flute, block chimes, waterphone, Indonesian drum, talking drum., udu drum, frame drum, dumbek, assorted gongs, piano, guitar; Chinese meditation balls, water jar, star chimes, balafon, elephant bells, and singing bowls.

This recording was made very spontaneously, with little discussion beforehand and with nearly everything captured in a single take. I did not use any computer editing or noise reduction equipment. Occasionally, you will hear a passing truck or the sound of our pet birds adding to the mix. I hope that these elements will make the music feel like what it is: A snapshot of a particular time and place. It may be a picture that occasionally looks confusing, sad, or troubled but it eventually ends with hope.

This recording is not for sale. I didn’t feel right charging money for a recording that is this personal. The fine people at Infinite Number of Sounds were generous enough to let me make it available us a free download from their website. I’m grateful to them for their ongoing support. Please pass this recording on to anyone you know who may be interested in it. If you share this music, however, please include the liner notes so that all the contributing musicians will receive proper credit for their contributions.

– Mike Hovancsek, 5/28/11

Download Ascend for free!