CWQ and medjool added to the INS family

Posted on Apr 23, 2009

Straight out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Creamy Water Quiz (CWQ) drops a lo-fi electronic timebomb on our unsuspecting fans. We first met Adam Walker through his work with Detroit’s Twilight Babies and were thoroughly impressed with his production chops. With CWQ he teams with long-time collaborator Ryan Delano to utilize classic synths, ancient midi-less drum machines, cheap guitars, even cheaper basses, samplers, and far too many effects, they create exploratory, ambient-electro-rock improvisations.

We’re happy to release their new collection – Flojo, Loco y Enigmático.

But that’s not all – we also have new work from Jeremy Bleich who has graciously allowed us to release a self-titled collection of work from his exotic 5-piece Sante Fe group medjool. The 8 tracks on on this release mix “the traditional rhythms and melodies of Arabic and Gyspy music with Western harmonies to create an atmosphere that is both traditional and experimental.”