Circus Luminous

Circus Luminous is an annual production of Wise Fool New Mexico (an all woman circus troupe). It is an annual "new circus" extravaganza featuring "breath-defying" circus acts created and performed by Wise Fool New Mexico, with music composed by Jeremy Bleich. Circus Luminous has become a Santa Fe family tradition for Thanksgiving Weekend, playing to sold out audiences at the historic Lensic Performing Arts Center since 2002. "Circus Lumious" represents a selection recorded during the three days of performances at the Lensic Theater in downtown Santa Fe. it was recorded to 22 tracks by Alex Neville of High Mayhem recording on location and mixed and mastered by Jeremy Bleich.

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  1. star bellied acrobats(sample mp3)
  2. the secret
  3. ariel square
  4. contorted gift (sample mp3)
  5. dangling duo trapeze
  6. hoop a loop
  7. horses
  8. mended fabric duo
  9. outside the box
  10. raindance
  11. song of hope

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