Chain of Words

Chain of Words is a collection of poems and songs by J Scott Franklin. Each "chain of words" set to music by J Scott, David Mansbach and Ron Tucker of Infinite Number of Sounds, and Eric Luhta, with additional guitar by Chris Bober, Dan Bruce, and Daniel Raible. Ukuleles, banjo and obscure acoustic instruments by Ed Mills and beats by Joe Minadeo of Low in the Sky and

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  1. Distance
  2. Everything is You (sample mp3)
  3. Come On Over
  4. Keeping Them Alive
  5. I Tried
  6. 21st Century Woman (sample mp3)
  7. Cry Inside the Orchestra
  8. Sunshine On My Pillow
  9. Rail Bridge
  10. Crazy
  11. Inside The Grooves
  12. Walking Monuments
  13. Quit I & II
  14. Hey George Washington
  15. R.I.P. God
  16. 31 Minutes
  17. Just An Idea

Bonus Material:

(Deluxe Download only)

  1. 21st Century Woman (Instrumental)
  2. Come On Over (Instrumental)
  3. Inside the Grooves (Instrumental)
  4. Keeping them Alive (Instrumental)
  5. Quit (Instrumental)

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