A 54-minute tribute to Mike's infant son who tragically passed away on May 28, 2010. Mike used music as part of his grief work in the brutal months after his loss. This album is available as a free download by request of the artist.

This album is available as a free hi-quality download by request of the artist.


  1. Ascend

Features the following performers:

  • Mike Hovancsek – koto, guzheng, tubular bells, slide sitar, kalimba, Native American flute, block chimes, waterphone, Indonesian drum, talking drum, udu drum, frame drum, dumbek, assorted gongs, piano, guitar, Chinese meditation balls, water jar, start chimes, balafon, elephant bells, and singing bowls.
  • Samuel Salsbury – violin
  • Joe Culley – tabla and ragini
  • Anna Homler – vocals
  • Jim Cole – harmonic singing
  • Jim Winters – hurdy-gurdy
  • David Mansbach – double bass
  • Margot Milcetich – vocals

Deluxe Download (INS23-5):

  • 320kbs MP3 files
  • Includes bonus material
  • Filesize: 66MB


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