Powered by three veterans of the Cleveland jazz scene, Monkeyspoon was an opportunity to react in the moment with trust and passion, inspired by a desire to be free in a three-dimensional world.

Recorded at a time where Peter Dell, Jack Novatny, and Ron Smith were all musically, spiritually, and emotionally trying something new and uncharted. They didn’t want to label the creation and stereotype it to a certain genre of music as there was a lot of unplanned give and take in the sounds, colors, and rhythms. The music required them to really listen to the other players and meld all of that energy into a common theme. It was a very unique reunion of long standing friendships and where they were able to express their own personal journeys through the music!


Peter M. Dell (pedro), Ron Smith (ERU), Jack Novotny

Suggested for fans of:

Medeski, Martin and Wood, Weather Report, Keith Jarrett, John McLaughlin, and John Scofield