Infinite Number of Sounds

Infinite Number of Sounds, photo by Andrew McAllister


Infinite Number of Sounds (INS) were an American instrumental electro-rock/media-art performance group that formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 2000. Described by Pittsburgh Pulp as “the ultimate visual/musical experience”, INS experimented with musical forms from breakbeat to barbershop, throwing down elaborate multimedia-style live performances, augmenting their music with projected digital video imagery, edited live to the beat.

Infinite Number of Sounds toured as a four piece ensemble, Ron Tucker (Drums and Electronics), Matt Mansbach (Guitar and Electronics), David Mansbach (Bass and Electronics) and Brent Gummow (Video and Electronics) from 2000 to December 2006. David Mansbach produced two albums for INS, Time Wants a Skeleton (2002) and Radio Whales (2005), before Matt left the band in December 2006. Ron Tucker moved to NYC in Spring 2007. Brent and David performed live as an electronic duo, then as a trio with cONScIENcE (x-Basement Love Underground) between the years 2007 and 2009. They released INS’s third and final album “The Island of Misfit Noise” at their 200th and final performance on Saturday, March 14, 2009.


David Mansbach, Brent Gummow, Ron Tucker, Matt Mansbach, cONScIENcE


Suggested for fans of:

Ratatat, Tortoise, Add N to X and Trans Am.