A collection of Tyler Horter's creative and enthusiastic explorations of the potential of acoustic instruments. The "deluxe download" edition of Antecedent features four songs recorded live at "ExperimentalBehavior Showcase IV" in 2004, the performance which first captured our ear and turned us on to Tyler's music.

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  1. Ancillary (sample mp3)
  2. Immerse
  3. Release
  4. Cold Clear White Blue
  5. Streamline
  6. Sidereal
  7. Crossways
  8. Isolation
  9. Absolution (sample mp3)
  10. Threnody
  11. Two Clouds Over Flat Ground


(Deluxe Download only)

  1. Vent (Live at ExBe Showcase IV)
  2. Ancillary (Live at ExBe Showcase IV)
  3. Two Clouds Over Flat Ground (Live at ExBe Showcase IV)
  4. Release (Live at ExBe Showcase IV)

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  • Includes bonus material
  • Filesize: 164MB

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  • 128kbs MP3 files
  • Filesize: 56MB
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